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10 Root Chakra Affirmations for Grounding and Stability!

If you sometimes feel ungrounded, spaced out or strangely disconnected from the practical realities of your life, you may have a blocked or under-energised root chakra. If you feel intuitively guided to begin healing this chakra, these root chakra affirmations will help you to understand its resonance more viscerally and learn to work with its energy in a way that’s productive and highly beneficial.

Working with affirmations can be a very powerful way to invoke the qualities, conditions and energies we wish to amplify in our lives. If you’re looking for root chakra affirmations, you probably already understand the importance of a strong, clear and healthy root chakra. You probably also know that by using affirmations to increase, clear and balance this chakra, you will slowly gain a more powerful sense of security and stability.

If you use these chakra affirmations regularly, you will gradually begin to feel a stronger connection to your life, your body and your ability to master your material reality.  If you’re ready to become more grounded and finally balance your day-to-day physical reality with strength, maturity and certainty, keep reading!

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10 Root Chakra Affirmations for Grounding and Stability!

If you feel your root chakra might be blocked, underactive or under attack, try the following affirmations to restore your sense of safety, calm and balance.

Sit quietly, relax, breathe deeply and meditate on the affirmations below and choose 2 or 3 that resonate deeply.  Work with them over for the next three months and keep a journal to note any changes you notice as you work with them.  


  1. I am safe, secure and at peace. I feel safe within my body and my life. All is well.


  1. All my needs are met daily. I am safe and secure. Every day is a beautiful new surprise.


  1. I love my life and take great pleasure in managing my time and my resources.


  1. I am a totally grounded and centred being, exploring my physical reality with joy and presence.


  1. I am the master of my physical and material reality. I love the feeling of being fully in my body, happily engaging with life.


  1. I feel safe, loved, secure, centred, and every day offers me beautiful new possibilities for joyful living.


  1. I am completely at home in my body. I love to feel the earth beneath my feet. I am completely in tune with the rhythm of this beautiful earth.


  1. I am safe, I am secure, I embrace all facets of my physical reality and look forward to conquering each new milestone.


  1. Every day, I become more satisfied, stable, secure, and successful at managing my material reality and all the beautiful things in my world.


  1. I am a tower of strength, building a solid foundation for my infinite growth, success and abundance.

Discover how to unblock root chakra energy.  

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