Four Essential Crystals for Empaths, Introverts and Highly Sensitive People

Four Essential Crystals for Empaths, Introverts and Highly Sensitive People

If you’re looking for crystals for empaths, it’s quite likely that you’re an empath, introvert or highly sensitive person who recognises the need to shield and protect your energy. On the positive side, this means that even though you are sensitive to energy, you are informed enough to know how to take care of your sensitivities instead of passing them off as irrelevant, inconvenient or purely imagined.

Self-care for empaths goes far beyond being assertive and saying no to toxic people, places, situations and dynamics. When we are also able to acknowledge our sensitivity to vibration, the need for self-care begins to evolve from out of the purely psychodynamic realm and into the metaphysical.

Large Quartz Crystal in Natural Surroundings to Illustrate a Crystals for Empaths Blog Post

Learning how to clear the energy field and chakras and release unwanted intrusions is crucial for empathic people . However, there are several resources that can be used to create a protective field that will act as a preventive measure. Of these, some of the most powerful tools you will ever need in your empath’s toolkit are crystals.

If you’re interested in finding the most powerful and effective crystals for psychic protection and energetic shielding, this guide to my top 4 crystals for empaths, introverts and highly sensitive people will help you to build a powerful shield, awaken to self-love and keep your mind centred in optimism, strength and freedom from lower vibrations.  

Black Tourmaline

Large black tourmaline crystal on a blue background, to Illustrate a Crystals for Empaths Blog Post

One of the best protective stones for empaths is certainly black tourmaline. This powerfully protective crystal will create a shield around the energy field that helps to deflect vampiric attachments and lover vibrations of all kinds. Wear it close to the skin and if you have trouble sleeping peacefully, I highly recommend wearing it to bed as well as throughout the day.

This incredible stone is not only protective against the energies of others, it also offers protection against other electromagnetic frequencies, so be sure to keep some around your home and close to your electronic devices.

I’ve found that the protective powers of this stone do tend to increase when a larger volume is used, so experiment with adding extra pieces until you find just the right amount for your needs. If you are very empathic and sensitive to energy, you’ll know when you’ve found that magical quantity.

It's been said that black tourmaline cleanses itself, but it doesn’t hurt to cleanse it by soaking it in salty water for a minimum of 20 minutes every day. It is highly absorbent and might need a little help every now and then.

 Tiger’s Eye 

Tiger's eye crystal pendant, to illustrate crystals for empaths blog post

Of course, energy shielding isn’t the only concern for empaths. Deeply empathic people are often easily influenced and swayed by the energies and opinions of others and can find themselves capitulating to the wishes of others after interacting with manipulative energies and agendas.

Tiger’s Eye brings strength and certainty to the wearer. Crystals that help to empower the solar plexus and sacral chakras will strengthen the ability to resist the demands of others and gradually develop total confidence in our own choices.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz crystal ball, to illustrate Crystals for Empaths blog post

Self-love is usually a key life lesson for empaths. When empaths find it hard to protect themselves from being overshadowed by external vibrations, it’s often because they have a tendency to put the needs of others before their own.

When this is the case, empaths and other sensitive people must focus on learning how to gain a degree of self-love and self-acceptance that make the thoughts and desires of others a little less important. This doesn’t mean refusing to show due consideration for others. It means becoming so filled up with self-love that there is no longer a desperate need to gain the approval of others at any cost.

Quite often, empaths have been brought up in situations where they have had to fight hard to win the affection of parents and other family members. They might have picked up on subtle messages that their needs and desires were unimportant. For this reason, they may fall into people-pleasing behaviour patterns because they unconsciously feel so deeply unloved.

Wearing rose quartz can help empaths to become more grounded in self-love and more able to fill themselves up, avoiding the need to constantly bend to the will of others in order to somehow earn the love they are seeking.

Rose quartz, a stone that is closely associated with the Divine Mother, teaches us that love is not earned, it is given freely, unconditionally and abundantly.


Citrine, another stone that is associated with the solar plexus chakra, reminds us to return quickly to optimism even in the midst of attack and overwhelm. When empaths and highly sensitive people experience energetic overwhelm, they can sometimes need days to recover. Wearing black tourmaline will certainly reduce and often eliminate the impact entirely, but even if the energy remains in balance, there are times when the mind will have been disrupted.

Psychic protection for empaths can be complex. It’s not always simply the need to protect ourselves from psychic attack. If you are an empath who often takes on the feelings of others, feeling sad when they feel sad, feeling rage when you spent too much time in the company of angry people, or becoming depressed and overwhelmed from watching too many news broadcasts, wear citrine to keep your thoughts clear, bright and centred in optimism.

All The things!

A selection of unpolished crystals on a black background, to illustrate Crystals for Empaths blog post

Remember, not all stones have the same needs when it comes to cleansing, clearing and charging. Research each of these stones individually. Learn to communicate with them and sense what they need in any given moment. Most of all, continue to practice good self-care and learn to use your gift of sensitivity in beneficial ways, so that it will soon become the blessing it was always meant to be. 


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