What is a Lightworker? l Am I a Light Worker?

What is a Lightworker? l Am I a Light Worker?


What is a Lightworker? Am I a Lightworker?

If you’ve come to this blog wondering whether you are a lightworker, it’s more than likely that the answer is yes. So, what is a lightworker? It’s not always easy to summarise this concisely but if we start by looking at the literal meaning it might give us a few clues.

There’s no question that the world is currently in a state of great upheaval and transformation. It’s been traumatic in recent years, to say the least! And yet many believe that this transformation is merely a symptom of the earth’s transition into the Aquarian age of light, peace, harmony, and universal love.

Lightworkers, are said to have incarnated on Earth at this time for the purpose of stewarding the golden age and assisting those who are confused and exhausted by this challenging transition period. Keep reading if any of this is resonating in your soul! The answers are coming, Neo!

Lightworker Meaning

As we know, everything in this universe is made up of energy, including us. Those of us who consider ourselves to be on a spiritual path are often extremely aware of this energy, which is often perceived as a dazzling, healing, loving light. We might see it when we meditate. We might sense it when we commit to a daily spiritual practice. We may feel this light, or energy, moving through our bodies or our hands when we use our healing gifts or when we connect with someone in a deep and meaningful way.

Am I A Lightworker?

If you are aware of energy and light moving through you, you have probably developed this awareness over several lifetimes. And if you can feel, sense, or see energy, you are probably also working with this energy, even when you’re not aware that you are using it.

At the most literal and simplistic level, this makes you a lightworker, whether you call yourself a healer, an intuitive, or just another kind soul. If you are working with energy and operating out of unselfish and loving motivations, you are a lightworker.

Different Varieties of Lightworkers

However, there are many degrees and manifestations of lightworker consciousness. There are lightworkers who make vast sweeping changes to the way we live our lives but who wouldn’t necessarily have a conscious awareness that they are working with energy.

I would include in the category of lightworker anyone whose actions have altered the course of humanity’s destiny to such an extent that more light, joy, and peace are present as a result. I would describe Nelson Mandela as a lightworker. I would also give this title to many of the great truth-tellers currently working ceaselessly to uncover the darkness and deception on our planet.

I would also give this title to the millions of Buddhists on the planet who chant and meditate for peace. Because there is no doubt that their peaceful loving actions are having a daily impact on the energy and light of the planet and the experience of their fellow sentient beings.

People who work with the energy grids of the earth are also lightworkers and so are many enlightened musicians, for very similar reasons – they alter the energy frequency of the earth and bring more joy and light.

Buddhist Monk Walking on Rose Petals

What Are Lightworkers Symptoms?

If you have reached a point in life where you are beginning to have a nagging feeling that you are here to make a difference to others and be of some benefit to the collective. If you have a knowing deep in your heart that life isn’t supposed to be the way it is and that something better, kinder, and fairer is possible. If you are suddenly having deeper insights into the workings of the world or the thoughts and feelings of others.

Or if you are suddenly becoming obsessively interested in personal and spiritual development, crystals, oracle cards, clean eating, minimalism, spiritualism, yoga chakras, reiki, or a have a longing to serve a higher purpose, you could be experiencing a lightworker awakening.

I’ve spent a great deal of my life trying to solve the spiritual mysteries of our times and helping others to awaken to their full spiritual potential. I’ve written several books, resources, and guided meditations to help lightworkers to awaken and gain a deeper awareness of their individual role in these chaotic times we're living through. 

Have a look and see if there’s something there for you. You might enjoy reading, Letters to Lightworkers. I wrote it just for you. 😊

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