Why Energy Clearing is Essential for Peace of Mind

Why Energy Clearing is Essential for Peace of Mind

There’s currently a lot of talk about energy-clearing, and it’s hardly surprising considering all the crazy energy fluctuations we’re currently navigating at this time of enormous change and transition. You don’t even have to consider yourself an empath to be impacted by all the weirdness that’s currently flying around on the planet. Energy clearing and aura cleansing are absolutely essential at times like this. Want to know why? Keep reading! 

Why Do We Need to Clear Our Energy? 

When you are affected by negative energy, it’s not only your energy field that’s affected. Energy that’s heavy, depressive, oppressive, or deliberately destructive can not only cling to the energy field in general but can also infiltrate the mental body and the emotional body. In this way, they are able to affect the way we think, the way we feel, and even our ability to move our bodies with flexibility and freedom. They rob us of our joy in the moment and, over the long term, they can even have an impact on our health. 

Having an energy clearing session or using energy techniques on yourself can put you back into a state of peace and inner harmony, in ways that go far beyond what makes sense to the logical mind. Ask any empath why they feel better after an energy clearing session and they’ll probably say, I don’t know. I just do. 

Until recently, this strange and intangible essence – this whole ‘energy’ business - was hardly ever spoken about in polite circles. These days, however, everyone’s talking about vibes and energies. We’ve come a long way!

So, now here we are in the midst of a colossal collective awakening and there are still so many people who are only just beginning to become aware of the implications of negative energy and what it means both personally and collectively. 

Many people who are slowly becoming aware of the importance of energy, are still unaware of the extent to which lower energies and unpleasant thought-forms can affect us when they cling to our vulnerable areas. Our chakras, our emotional weaknesses, our self-doubt, and any other unresourceful patterns of thinking. 

When you’re feeling a little down, energies of a similar nature can easily become attracted and attached to you, amplifying those feelings until they are blown out of proportion, and you find yourself behaving in peculiar ways. 

Even if the energies you have absorbed are not dramatically destructive, they may not be your own. If there are people in your life, for example, who don’t see your vision or who have agendas and ideas about what might be best for you, they may have a subtle influence on your thoughts, feelings, and intentions. You might easily find that when you spend time in the company of these people, you come away feeling a little less sure of yourself or your plans. 

If you often feel bewildered, unsure of your path, or find yourself constantly changing your mind about who you are, how you want to show up in the world, or what you feel is your true life path, there may be some overshadowing influences around you.

If you wake up in the morning feeling exhausted after a full night of comfortable sleep, you may have absorbed some energies that don’t belong to you throughout the night, while your physical body was fast asleep.

If you often doubt yourself and never seem to be able to move ahead in life, it’s possible that you are being influenced by negative messages, energies, or influences that you are not managing to expel from your energy field on a regular basis.

Can Incense Clear Negative Energy?

Some powerful brands of incense are very effective at clearing energy. Research and test out as many as possible to see what works for you. Smudging with white sage to cleanse yourself and your home is a good idea but you also need to make sure you’re using a wide range of other aura cleansing practices to keep your mind, energy, and emotions free from interference.

Different solutions work for different kinds of interference. Some solutions will work best when your mind is being affected and others when your emotions or your physical energy are impacted. Work on evolving a wide range of options that you can use at any given time, whenever the need arises.

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