Picture of Diane Hall, taken from the dianehallshop.com About page

Diane is a singer, songwriter, spiritual teacher, author, and angel intuitive. She uses insights from her guides and angels to help others to fulfil the truest vision of their lives.

She offers books, songs, guided meditations, and spiritual coaching sessions.


Diane's spiritual journey began at the age of 17, following the death of her father. After studying various spiritual disciplines and evolving an immersive meditation practice, she began to receive guidance, books, and messages from her spirit guides and angels.

She is now a Diana Cooper School, Angel Teacher, and has also studied several breakthrough healing modalities including Reiki (Master level), Theta Healing, Cosmo-energetics, NLP and Metamorphic Technique. 

Diane has contributed features to many spiritual magazines, including Soul and Spirit and Kindred Spirit print formats. She is now a practicing Buddhist who believes that her early bereavement trauma has been an opportunity to truly turn poison into medicine for the healing of others.

Mission & Passion

Diane's passion is creating music, meditations, and literature that offers glimpses of Heaven, soothes the heart and soul, and reminds us that we are never alone. She also enjoys assisting those who are in need of guidance when experiencing spiritual awakenings, releasing spiritual trauma, or stepping up to manifest the highest vision possible for their lives. 


To be more loving, make more recordings (records?) do more yoga, share more fun stuff, and have lots of big laughs along the way.